The World's Countries Sorted by Americanness

Jan 17, 2016


A long time ago, I jokingly asked a developer friend where on a list of countries from most to least American she thought Japan would be. This of course, was good for a laugh, but the question stuck with me. I ended up creating this app in order to crowd source a list of countries from most to least “American”. Then I could trivially just look up where the Internet hive mind believes Japan to be. Fortunately, I was also looking for a project to familiarize myself with using Google App Engine. This fit the bill perfectly since I would need a backend server in order to write the results to a database.

In the future it is my intention for this list to be recalculated and updated daily. So, I encourage you to use the app more than once.

The current results are posted below, let me know in the comments what patterns you notice or what you find surprising.